Productivity and Wellbeing - Series of Online Workshops

Transform your team productivity by learning the best strategies, practices and tools. Elevate productivity, well-being, and personal growth in four online workshops packed with expert insights

Key Features:

  • A series of 4 online workshops x 1,5 hour. Usually one every week.
  • 10-16 participants. Interactive and engaging experience.
  • 1,5h weekly - easily fit busy schedules and distributed teams.
  • Focused on learning step by step and building long-term habits.
  • Great compromise between classroom trainings and webinars.

Are online workshops a good idea?

This form is great when we want to work in smaller groups, usually 10-16 people, and have more interactive and engaging learning experience. We meet on 4 sessions, each 1,5h long, usually one session every week. This is to help people build long-term habits, but also cooperate with busy schedules.

This is an optimal choice for groups working mostly online, in multiple locations or with very busy schedules. Over the four weeks it builds a group that can support each other and share their knowledge and experience. However, more senior people sometimes need to “unplug” from their daily work to get a wider perspective. In that case two-days classroom trainings will be much better choice. They also reinforce learning by much richer interpersonal experiences.

However, series of online workshops is a great compromise between offline workshops and webinars. For busy schedules, they work much better than offline workshops, but still allow much deeper and interactive learning experience than webinars.

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Interactive Learning

We work in a small group of 10-16 people. All participants are engaged. It’s highly dynamic learning experience by working in sub-groups, discussions and knowledge sharing.

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1,5h workshop will work even with busy schedules. No time is wasted - workshops cover the most important aspects for this specific group of participants.

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Focused on Habits

Habits are what counts long-term. We focus on practical strategies to build the right habits and support them after vacations and other breaks.

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Actionable Insights

Each workshop is packed with theory and practice - methods, tools, recommendations. They are solution-oriented around managing workload, priorities and hybrid work.

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Practical and Inspiring

Each workshop is focused on one topic and inspires to upgrade time management skills one by one. It is also full of additional materials for further study if participants want to go deeper.

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Provided by an expert, author of best-selling courses, with 10+ years of experience in global IT corporations and 8+ years in training and knowledge sharing.

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Customized for specific company and its culture and work environment. It can also be a part of a larger well-being or productivity initiatives. The series can focus more on personal productivity, team productivity, or both.

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Privacy and Security

All the communication and workshops are conducted with privacy in mind.

Meet the author

Piotr Nabielec is the author of the highly successful time management courses.

With 10+ years of experience in IT and a background in Engineering, he first worked as a Software Developer and then as a Manager, starting his professional career at Motorola in 2005.

For the past 20 years, he has been a fan of personal and team productivity and is an advocate of human-centered productivity, which emphasizes well-being and a balanced life. Piotr is focused on practical strategies and techniques for improving productivity, time management, and work-life balance, and has authored multiple online and offline courses, aimed at forming healthy, long-term, time management habits.

He has spent the last 8+ years sharing his knowledge full-time, and is the author of a best-selling, best-rated course on Udemy with over 15,000 positive reviews.

In addition to his work in productivity, Piotr is also a part-time musician and music producer, playing multiple instruments.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Module 1

How to form healthy habits
and cooperate with brain biology

  • Brain science - how does the brain form habits?
  • Why do so many people struggle with habit formation?
  • The most common mistakes people make
  • Personal, team and organizational habits
  • How to create a habit-friendly work environment
  • Strategies for forming long-term habits
  • Most popular tools

Module 2

Best practices for organizing
your task list, calendar and e-mail

  • Brain science - do we really need task lists and calendars?
  • How to organize work, home, and personal tasks
  • Estimating personal and team tasks
  • Strategies when you feel overwhelmed
  • Handling a lot of ad-hoc stuff at the same moment
  • Archiving, inbox zero and other techniques
  • How to organize your work, but not become a robot

Module 3

Sharpen your focus
and master distractions

  • What is focus and how our brain processes information
  • The 7 most important techniques for improving focus
  • Effective strategies and apps for blocking distractions
  • Focus and distractions in teams and work environments
  • Best practices for synchronous and asynchronous work
  • Spontaneity - how to focus but not become robotic
  • Focus and energy levels - natural planning

Module 4

Avoiding burnout -
team and long-term productivity

  • Brain science - plans, dreams, values, talents and their role
  • How to quickly diagnose your core values
  • How to plan according to your values, strengths, talents and temperament
  • Different team roles and the role of talents in a team
  • Long-term planning in a team
  • Useful templates, self-diagnosis questions for individuals and teams
  • A few sample scenarios

Customization options

Can you trust it?

Backed up by a track record of cooperation with well-established and recognized brands such as
Google, ABB, Procter & Gamble, Lufthansa, Thyssenkrup, Zooplus, G2A, Ocado, and Sabre.

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Piotr's workshops, courses and webinars are always among top-rated on every platform and in every company. His track of record can be checked on LinkedIn and Udemy.

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Pricing and Availability

Each workshop session costs $800 (for Poland - 3000PLN) x 4 sessions.

The price is for a group of 10-16 participants.

Discounts are available for batches of programs, like webinars + workshops.

If you want to order or discuss details of series of workshops, please use the following form. I will contact you as soon as I can and let’s schedule a call to discuss the details or any questions.

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