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Course: Sharpen your Focus and master distractions

Multiple priorities, too much to do, many interruptions. Sounds familiar?
This course helps you fix most important distraction problems, avoid chaos and focus on what matters.

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Last updated: February 2023


This course helps you heal your focus.
You will stop fighting with distractions, build good habits and be more purposeful with time and energy. The real problem is finding balance - how to stay informed but not overwhelmed? This is the key to being successful in knowledge work. It also gives us more freedom.

This course covers physiology, emotional aspect, social aspect, building habits and most practical tools and techniques. The core of this course is just 1 hour and it is constantly updated based on feedback.

This course is self-paced and packed with information, but you also have access to monthly live Q&A sessions, where you can ask any questions and connect with the author and others. See course content and free 3 lessons.

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What you will learn

  • What is focus and how our brain processes distractions
  • 7 most important techniques for better focus
  • Effective strategies, apps and plugins to block distractions
  • Focus and distractions in teams and work environment
  • Spontaneity - how to focus, but not become a robot
  • Focus and energy level - how to plan according to your natural rhytm

Course content

1. Introduction and how to use this course (free preview) (5:19)
2.1. Types of focus (free preview) (4:24)
2.2. Universal method for learning (free preview) (4:11)
Quiz - Summary of introduction

3.1. Physiological component (7:15)
3.2. Physiological balance (5:34)
3.3. Emotional component (8:03)
3.4. Habit component (6:17)
3.5. Social component (5:55)
Quiz - Summary of layers of focus

4.1. Tools, apps and techniques (2:56)
4.2. Clarity (4:12)
4.3. Focus vs teamwork (5:14)
4.4. Defocus and refocus (4:50)
4.5. Retrospect (3:08)
4.6. The tribe (1:33)
4.7. Optimize habits (4:19)
Quiz - Summary of tools

5. Summary and additional information (3:45)

Extra resources
6.1. Focus and distractions - one-pager
6.2. Screen Time configuration
6.3. Don’t Disturb mode configuration
6.4. Piotr’s personal system
6.5. ADHD
More coming

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