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Course: Focus and distractions

Multiple priorities, too much to do, many interruptions. Sounds familiar?
This course helps you fix most important distraction problems, avoid chaos and focus on what matters.

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Planned for: October 2022


This course is planned as the first course of 4-Step Productivity series.
You can buy this course in Pre-Sale now. It's active till October 6th.
Its production is planned for October 2022. Sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

4-Step Productivity with focus and distractions course highlighted.

What you will learn

  • What is focus and how our brain processes distractions
  • 7 most important techniques for better focus
  • Effective strategies, apps and plugins to block distractions
  • Focus and distractions in teams and work environment
  • Spontaneity - how to focus, but not become a robot
  • Focus and energy level - how to plan according to your natural rhytm

Course content

Pre-sale of the course will start on September 22nd, 2022.
Course content will be published after a call with course members after September 29th, 2022.
The course publication is planned for October 2022.

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