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Course: Planning a week (under 30 minutes)

Do you struggle with multiple priorities, too much to do, many interruptions?
This course helps you build good habits, feel less stressed, and more confident.

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Planned for: Autumn 2023


This course is planned as a part of 4-Step Productivity series.
Its production is prepared for Autumn of 2023. Sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

4-Step Productivity with planning a week course highlighted.

What you will learn

  • Brain science - planning and the most energy-efficient methods
  • Planning vs dreaming - how to plan realistically, quickly and to the point
  • Planning a week under 30 minutes - the most important techniques, templates, questions
  • How to quickly adjust the plan when reality changes
  • Planning in a team
  • Most useful tools, apps and plugins
  • A few example scenarios

Course content

The course publication is planned for Autumn of 2023.

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